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served with white rice

Pecan Shrimp$19.50

(16) Lightly deep fried and mixed with house special cream sauce and topped with candied pecans

Mixed Seafood with Bird Nest$21.95

Shrimp (8), crab meat, scallops, black mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts,
broccoli, pea pods, and onions. Inside our house-made bird nest.

Kung Pao Shrimp $18.95

Shrimp (12), green peppers, fresh mushrooms, water chestnuts, and onions. Topped with cashews. Made to order for mild, medium, hot or extra hot.

Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables (Hot Plate)$18.95

Shrimp (12), pea pods, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, bamboo slices, water chestnuts, carrots, baby corn,
and onions

Moo-Shu Shrimp$18.95

Shrimp, egg, black mushrooms, carrots, bamboo slices, green cabbage served with four pancakes,
hoisin sauce and green onions. Additional pancakes $1.50 each.

Beef with Broccoli$18.95

Shrimp (12) stir-fried with fresh steamed broccoli

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$18.95

Shrimp (12), ground pork, green peppers, onions, and egg stir-fried in black bean sauce

Fried Prawns$18.95

(8) Battered prawns

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